Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Miss You Poems For Boyfriend

16) Sometimes I check for your updates on Facebook

I secretly wish I catch some of your tweets

Looking at our old pictures on Google Plus

Still makes my heart skip a few beats

I still follow your latest posts on Instagram

Time to time, I check your Pinterest for pins new

Don’t worry, I am not a stalker at all

You are my ex-boyfriend, and sometimes I miss you

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17) If I had a time machine

It would turn into the biggest nightmare

Because a part of me would want to

Go back and fix things, when we were a cute pair

But another part of me

Would want to leave things just the way they are

Such is the confused state of my mind and heart

I wish there was a machine which took me away, somewhere far

I miss you

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18) First, I fell for your handsome looks

Then, my heart had a soft corner for you

Once we started dating

I discovered life’s pleasures, new

But then for everything you did, I began hating you

In my life, you were no longer special

After all these months, somehow I miss you

I guess my life has come a circle

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19) Delete, remove, purge

I wish I could do all this

To all our sweet memories

Will someone help me, please

Undo, reverse, revoke

I wish I could do all this

To the time I spent with you

So once again, I can feel bliss

I miss you

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